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Arnaud Gihan, who took over as head of BlackRock’s iShares’ business in France about a year ago, gave NewsManagers an initial assessment of the main projects under development, including the ESG funds.
Ludovic Djebali, director of SPDR ETF France, lays out the European development strategy for the affiliate of State Street Global Advisor, and discusses the rollout of new regulations in the United States which allow some ETFs not to publish their positions on a daily basis
The new CEO of Société Générale Private Banking France appointed in March this year, Mathieu Vedrenne, explains his vision of the transformations underway in the world of private banking. Frédéric Oudéa's former office director also explains the positioning of the activity within a banking group that is being restructured.
As Extendam, an asset management firm specialised in business hotels, has been open to institutional investors for just two years, its chairman and CEO, Jean-Marc Palhon, explains the characteristics of this market and the way in which Extendam plans to benefit from them to develop in Europe.
Christophe Boulanger, CEO of Richelieu Gestion since July last year, will be writing a new roadmap for the asset management firm, whose shareholder structure changed in late 2017. The Lebanese bank SGBL has acquired the entity from KBL European Private Bankers, and taken control of the private banks Banque Richelieu France and Banque Richelieu Monaco, which have been integrated into Compagnie Financière Richelieu. The director is seeking to extend management offerings beyond European equities.
In June 2017, the entrepreneurial asset management firms Amaïka, Cedrus and 360 Hixance entered a three-way merger to become Sanso Investment Solutions. The new structure, whose assets managed according to SRI principles now exceed €830m, continued its external growth in late 2018 with the acquisition of Convictions AM. The chairman of the firm, David Kalfon, and its CEO, Benoît Magnier, discuss the past two years of development.
In the midst of a period of transition, and after a complicated year in 2018, in which the firm saw outflows of over €10bn from its open funds, Rose Ouahba and David Older, the new co-managers of the Carmignac Patrimoine fund, reveal the new organisation of management at Carmignac, and discuss who will succeed Edouard Carmignac.