Christophe Boulanger - Richelieu Gestion

“It’s time to write a new chapter in the history of Richelieu Gestion”

On the 04.12.19 at 6:00PM


Laurence Marchal

Christophe Boulanger, CEO of Richelieu Gestion since July last year, will be writing a new roadmap for the asset management firm, whose shareholder structure changed in late 2017. The Lebanese bank SGBL has acquired the entity from KBL European Private Bankers, and taken control of the private banks Banque Richelieu France and Banque Richelieu Monaco, which have been integrated into Compagnie Financière Richelieu. The director is seeking to extend management offerings beyond European equities.
Christophe Boulanger
Christophe Boulanger - Richelieu Gestion

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