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At the end of November 2018, NewsManagers has caught up with Davide Serra, founder and CEO-CIO of Algebris Investments, a London-headquartered asset manager viewed as the number one on financials equities and debt.
Generali no longer wants to be just an insurer, but also has ambitions an asset manager. To achieve that, the Italian group has begun building a multi-boutique platform. This strategy has led to the launch of Aperture in the United States, the announcement of exclusive talks with Sycomore Asset Management, and more recently, the acquisition of a 100% stake in CM Investment Solutions Limited in London. In an interview with NewsManagers, Carlo Trabbatoni, CEO of Generali Investment Partners, explains that the acquisitions are not over.
Alain Guelennoc, CEO of Federal Finance Gestion, discusses the changes the asset management firm is going through with NewsManagers. With a transition from two to three units, a transfer of assets to the other boutiques of the group and a commercial reorganization, the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa affiliate has refocused to find new areas for growth.
Warren Tonkinson, managing director, distribution at Merian Global Investors, explains to NewsManagers the restructuring and rebranding process the company underwent in the aftermath of Old Mutual Global Investors' buyout from Quilter by OMGI's management team supported by TA Associates' funds and completed last June. He also highlights MGI's new ambitions.
Barely four years after its inception, Eleva Capital, the asset management firm founded by Eric Bendahan, is nearing EUR4bn in assets, on the back of inflows of over EUR1.2bn in 2018. Following the rcruitment of two managers from Mandarine Gestion specialised in European small and midcaps, the boutique is planning to continue to extend its range through other recruitments, explains Axel Plichon, partner responsible for investor relations at Eleva Capital. When it comes to sales, diversification is also on the agenda, as the firm is planning to target the IFA segment